COP26: The New York Times Debate: On a Hotter Planet, the Onus of Transforming Food Systems Is on the Rich World

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The Climate Hub context: The New York Times Climate Hub is an ambitious weeklong event featuring live journalism, thought leadership and action on climate change, to be held alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. The Climate Hub endeavors to bridge the gap between the COP26 summit and the public, creating a space where business leaders, policymakers, COP26 delegates and the wider community can come together to debate, discuss and discover climate change solutions and how to put them into practice. We want to highlight solutions that can be scaled, at speed, and to consider the equity/inclusiveness of those solutions. 

Session Framing: Please note that this is simply to provide a basis for the debate. The teams will be strongly encouraged to identify their own lines of argument and inquiry around the motion. 

The Motion: This house believes the onus of transforming food systems is on the rich world

Many developing countries have suffered a long history of war, colonialism, slavery, resource exploitation and trade monopolization. Given these past injustices, and the fact that developing countries cannot afford to depart from food systems as they are, many would argue that the responsibility to provide a new status quo lies with those most culpable for the current one. But does climate change, regardless of whose fault it is, require everyone to act at once, and as one? Could it be the sole agenda that eclipses all others?

Session Format:

The overarching goal of the debate is to promote new insights and commentary in a dynamic format that underscores the importance of dialogue. For this, we use an Oxford-style debate exchange with commentary from a jury of selected leaders. Three people will argue each side, for and against. In addition, there will be three judges separate from the debaters. Jury members comment on and critique the arguments which have been made and pose additional challenges. Finally, the moderator will ask the audience to indicate which team has won them over.

Session participants

  • Co-Moderator: Kim Severson, Correspondent, New York Times
  • Co-Moderator: Matt Frei, Europe Editor and Presenter, Channel 4
  • Rachel Parent, Founder, Kids Right to Know (virtual)
  • Ertharin Cousin, Distinguished Fellow, Center on Food Security and the Environment and Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (virtual)
  • Farhana Yamin, Lawyer, Author, Activist, Expert Adviser to Climate Vulnerable Forum (in person)
  • Dr Paul Behrens, Author and Academic, Leiden University (in-person)
  • Vanessa García Polanco, Federal Policy Director, National Young Farmers Coalition (in-person)
  • Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen, Founder and Executive Chair, EAT (in-person)
  • Pam Warhurst, Founder, Incredible Edible (virtual)

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Date And Time

09/11/21 @ 17:00 to
09/12/21 @ 18:00

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