Choose Earth x Earthrise | Earth Day Campaign Launch

Choose Earth is a fundraising and storytelling campaign supporting Indigenous leaders fighting for the future of our planet. Last year, the campaign raised over £100,000 and reached 40 million people. This year, with your support in amplifying the campaign, we hope to raise even more.
Why Choose Earth?
Whilst Indigenous communities are only 5% of the world’s population, they are the true climate leaders, protecting 80% of global biodiversity. Choose Earth aims to support Brazilian Indigenous communities’ fight for social and environmental justice, and change ‘Western’ relationships with Planet Earth. By resourcing a network of frontline defenders who put their lives at risk to protect crucial ecosystems and preserve life for all, we are fuelling our own protection.
Reforest the Mind
Choose Earth 2022 is an invitation to Reforest the Mind, an Indigenous idea and call to arms to uproot the current systems which are failing us and reseed ourselves with new ideas in order to relearn how to nurture ourselves – and nature – back into health.

The event is finished.


Apr 22 2022


All Day