COP26 Green Zone: Minga Indígena Documentary Launch and Panel

Minga Indígena, a civil society organization born in the Andes, brings Indigenous leaders—youth and elders— from all over the world. At COP26 they will present the first chapter of the docu-series  “Aprendiendo a Ser Humanos. Learning To Be Human” produced alongside The Allianza, which features thirteen elders and protectors of the most iconic territories of the world sharing wisdom that is crucial to buffer extreme weather events across regions, with the intention of inspiring others. Three indigenous youth will then read and hand in a collective Letter to members of the IPCC and of the COP26 Presidency as well as the Champion, with a special request that their petitions be included in climate negotiations. The event will be followed by a press conference.

The event is finished.


Nov 12 2021


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