Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at Strathclyde Conference

Third Annual Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at Strathclyde Conference

This event will showcase the sustainability learning and research students are undertaking across the institution and beyond, as well as the work of student activists.

Presenters and Panelists:

Keynote Speaker
Farhana Yamin, Lawyer, Author, Activist; Climate Justice – Just Transition Donor Collaborative

VIPer Pit Judging Panel
Prof James Curran MBE, Chair of the James Hutton Institute and of Climate Ready
Clyde, and representative of VIP4SD funder The Lady Curran Endowment Fund.
Natasha Lobley, Start-Up Advisor at Strathclyde Inspire, the University’s entrepreneurship initiative.
Dr Paul Chin, Head of Learning and Teaching, Centre for Learning & Teaching,
University of Bath. Paul also leads Bath’s VIP programme.

Poster Session Judging Panel
Dr Lorraine Gibson, Director of Teaching in Pure and Applied Chemistry at
Fiona Ireland, Head Of Entrepreneurship Strategy at Strathclyde
Alasdair McKay, Enterprise Solutions Lead at Strathclyde Business School
Dr Louise Logan, VIP4SD Programme Coordinator and Learning Enhancement
Officer (ESD) at Strathclyde

The event is finished.


Mar 29 2023


12:15 - 16:15