The Role of Culture & Heritage in Loss & Damage: Multi-layered Considerations, New Frameworks, Pathways to Hope.

In this session, colleagues will share their loss and damage cultural journeys towards more holistic, culture-rich, and community-activated solutions. The challenges of assessing losses to identity, values, and knowledge and the consequences of that for planning will be addressed. The session will consider whether and how to value culture and heritage as part of Non-Economic Loss, and the impacts of those choices on compensatory, distributive and procedural equity and climate justice. And it will look at the role of culture and heritage in living with loss, including displacement. Audience members will be welcomed into the conversation to share and learn. The hope is that everyone will leave inspired and able to imagine pathways for better taking account of culture and heritage in loss and damage-related policy, planning and action.

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Nov 17 2022


Egypt Time
09:00 - 10:00


COP 27
Resilience Hub


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