WorldGBC+20 Global Solutions Forum

The first WorldGBC 20 Leadership Summit and the celebration of the WorldGBC 20-year anniversary taking place in person on 27 – 30 June 2022, in the city of London, England.

On Tuesday 28 June 2022, WorldGBC will be hosting the WorldGBC 20 Global Solutions Forum
– Accelerating Decarbonised and Sustainable Built Environments, as part of the Leadership
Summit and alongside London Climate Action Week. This forum is open to the public and will bring
together progressive leaders and special guests from across our network to showcase our sector’s
solutions to keep the 1.5°C scenario within reach. The aim of the event is to equip attendees with
knowledge and scalable solutions available for implementation now.

The day will open with keynotes from high level speakers including Farhana Yamin, international
environmental lawyer, climate change activist and development policy expert, on “Acting on
Climate: A Justice-Based Approach”. The event will be organised around five panels covering key
themes and showcasing solutions currently available and being put in practice by leaders in the

The panels will cover the following topics:
● Urban Resilience Strategies: Collaborations for Climate and Social Justice
● Enabling the Circular Economy for Social Prosperity
● Mainstreaming Whole Life Carbon: Plugging the Data Gaps
● Financing the Built Environment’s Deep Green Transformation
● Energy Efficiency: the Golden Rule for Net Zero in the Built Environment

The event is finished.


Jun 24 2022


09:30 - 10:40


Foster + Partners, Riverside, 22 Hester Rd, London SW11 4AN, UK