Past Publications

Farhana has been closely involved in climate negotiations since the 1990s and this is reflected in the array of publications she has contributed to throughout the years.

Below is a list of selected publications going back to 2005. 

She is currently developing an archive of written material dating back from the early days of climate negotiations in 1991, which together will tell a story of how we got to today’s climate crisis.

Selected Publications

Books and Report/Chapters/Edited Collections

2021, A Manifesto for Justice for COP26 and beyond, The World Today, Chatham House, October 2021. 

2021: Chapter 11, The High Ambition Coalition, in Reaching the Paris Agreement: Insider Stories from the Negotiations, Edited by Henrik Jepsen, Magnus Lundgren & Hayler Walker, Cambridge University Press, 

2019, Why I broke the Law for Climate Change, Comment, in Nature

2019: Dear Earth in Letters to The Earth. Edited by A. Hope, J. McIness, K. Michael. 

2019: Essay no. 10 In Putting People At The Heart Of The Green Transition. Edited by L. Murphy and A. Francis. 

2019: Die, Survive or Thrive? In This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook. Edited by Extinction Rebellion.

2009: The Global Climate Change Regime: A Defence, co-authored with Joanna Depledge. In The Economics and Politics of Climate Change. Edited by D. Helm & C. Hepburn. Oxford University Press.

2004: The International Climate Change Regime: A Guide to Rules, Institutions and Procedures. Co-authored with Joanna Depledge. Cambridge University Press. 

2004: Climate Change and Carbon Markets. Edited by F. Yamin. Earthscan.

2004: Climate Change and Development. Edited by F. Yamin, IDS Bulletin, Vol 35, No 3.

2005: Vulnerability, Adaptation and Climate Disasters. Edited, F. Yamin and S. Huq. IDS Bulletin, Volume 36, No 4. 

2005: Perspectives on ‘Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference’; or How to Operationalize Article 2 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Co-authored with Joel B. Smith and Ian Burton. In Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change Symposium. Edited by Schellnhuber et. Al.
Proceedings of the UK G8 conference on climate science, CUP, March 2005.


Reports/ Articles & Selected Blogs

2021: Honoring the Paris Agreement, A Way Forward, Blog for Business Green, 12 January 2021

2020: The Paris Agreement Isn’t Perfect, But Its Net Zero Goal Is Having Real Impact, Blog for Business Green, 9 November 2020

2019: Climate Justice & Social Justice are Two Sides of the Same Coin, TEDx London Women, December 2019

2019: Opinion: Change our constitution to save planet.  Co-authored with Maya de-Souza. November 14. Ham & High.

2019: Pop-up shop that doesn’t cost the Earth. November 7. Camden New Journal.

2019: Why I broke the law for climate change. September 17. Nature.

2019: Seeking Green Solutions. Co-authored with Alan Whitehead, Stephanie Hilborne and Noga Levy-Rapoport. July 30. Fabian Society.

2019: This is the Only Way to Tackle the Climate Emergency. June 14. TIME.

2019: Arts institutions: cut your ties with BP. June 9. The Guardian.

2019: Opinion: Extinction Rebellion turned the volume up. Co-authored with Maya de-Souza. May 09. Ham & High.

2019: Global rebellion: die, survive or thrive? April, 18. Ecologist.

2019: Children who missed school to join climate change rally ‘more responsible than us’. Co-authored with de-Souza, Maya. March 28. Ham & High.

2019: Students, Sunrise and Rebels unite to defy extinction. March 14. The Elders.

2017: A Compendium of Solutions for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Staying Below 1.5°C. 

A Track 0 & Climate Action Network Report. Co-authored with Anna Cooke-Yarborough & Araminta Jackson

2016: Who’s Getting Ready for Zero? A Report on the State of Play of Zero Carbon Modelling, published by Track 0 and Centre for Alternative Technology. Co-authored with Paul Allen, Isabell Bottoms and Philip James.

2015: The Business Case for Adopting the Long-Term Goal for Net Zero Emissions, a 21st Century Paradigm: Long-term Ambition Driving Transformational Business Action on Climate Change. Track 0 Report. Co-authored with Sharon Johnson. 

2015: From 90 pages to 9: A Possible Paris Agreement from the Geneva Negotiating Text – Track 0’s Draft Treaty Proposals. August, 2015. Co-authored with Erik Haites and Niklas Höhne.

2013: Possible Elements of a 2015 Legal Agreement on Climate Change. IDDRI Working Paper No. 16/2013. Co-authored with Erik Haites and Niklas Höhne.

2011: A Future for International Climate Politics: Durban and beyond. November 2011. Co-authored with Lili Fuhr, Barbara Unmüßig, Hans JH Verolme, Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

2009: The Sao Paulo Proposal for An Agreement On Future International Climate Policy. Discussion Paper, 09-31, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, Belfer Center, October 2009. Co- authored with Erik Haites and Niklas Höhne. 

2008: Key policy considerations for facilitating low carbon technology transfer to developing countries. Energy Policy, Volume 36, Issue 11, November 2008, Special Issue on Transition towards Sustainable Energy Systems.

Co-authored with David G. Ockwell, Jim Watson, Gordon MacKerron and Prosanto Pal.

2005: The European Union and future climate policy: Is mainstreaming adaptation a distraction or part of the answer? Climate Policy, Volume 5, Issue 3, March 2005.

2004: Overview of the Kyoto Mechanisms. Co-authored with Erik Haites. International Review for Environmental Strategies, Vol. 5, no. 1.


Written Interviews

2021: Wrong side of the law, right side of history, Forces of Nature, Interview by Elle Hunt & Sam Wollaston,The Guardian,

2020, We need to be heard: the BAME climate activists who won’t be ignored, Sirin Kale, The Guardian, 9th March.

2019: Extinction Rebellion goes mainstream: what’s next for the climate activists? – Interview by Hettie O’Brien. June 26. NewStatesman.

2019: Farhana Yamin: reluctant outlaw – Interview by Karen Thomas. July 2019. The Environment Magazine – CIWEM.

2019: Farhana Yamin: ‘It took 20 minutes to unglue me from Shell’s office. It was a bit painful’ – Interview by Andrew Anthony. May 19. The Observer.